Digital Inclusion Playbook

The Digital Inclusion Playbook contains information, ideas and strategies to support digital inclusion activities. The playbook’s facts, resources and mini-infographics can be shared to:

The pandemic compelled more services, businesses and supports to offer digital-first and digital-only modes of interaction and transaction. Existing digital inequities became further entrenched as the speed of digital adoption eclipsed efforts to ensure access to affordable data and devices. We recognize that literacy and basic skills (LBS) programs in Ontario are already involved in digital inclusion activities as they provide a range of digital learning opportunities. The playbook is meant to affirm and extend this effort wherever possible. In addition, digital inclusion is necessary for people to develop a variety of literacy practices.  Without equitable inclusion, people's opportunities to develop their literacy are restricted. Digital inclusion and literacy development work together.

Author and acknowledgments

Written by Christine Pinsent-Johnson, AlphaPlus

Thank you to our advisory group members for their guidance: 

Inspiration for the playbook came from the Digital Inclusion Startup Manual produced by National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA).

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Digital inclusion explained

The digital divide and adult learners

Challenges participating in learning programs

Calls to action for digital inclusion

Sources of low-cost or no-cost internet and devices

Developing digital literacy in learners’ lives

Smartphones as a gateway to digital literacy and inclusion

Learner-led learning circles to share apps and tips

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