Chapter 4: Calls to action for digital inclusion

At AlphaPlus, we're working at the provincial and national levels to advocate for better policies and to work with our provincial partners to identify and support strategies for programs to have more equitable, sustainable and effective digital literacy development conditions. At the same time, individuals, both learners and educators, might want to become involved in various digital inclusion campaigns and activities. 

ACORN’s Internet for All campaign

ACORN, (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is a member-based organization of low- and moderate-income Canadians. It organizes many grassroots campaigns in each of its chapters. One of the campaigns is Internet for All. The Toronto chapter has seen recent success with the city which plans to address affordable access through the Connect TO initiative. The city plans to create a municipal broadband network, expand access to free public Wi-Fi, develop a digital equity policy and focus on supporting youth learning. 

How can programs and learners learn more and get involved?

Open Media’s Affordable Internet NOW! campaign

Open Media is an advocacy organization that works to keep the internet open, affordable and surveillance-free. One of their campaigns is focused on affordable internet for all subscribers. It targets federal politicians who can influence national policies set by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). The campaign encourages people to call their members of Parliament directly. Talking points, additional information and some guidelines are included.

How programs and learners can learn more and get involved 

Find out more about the Affordable Internet NOW! campaign.

When students receive their own computer and it’s really theirs it sends a strong message. You don’t just own the computer; you own your education and your own future. — Alison Canning, executive director of Let’s Get Together

Let’s Get Together

Let’s Get Together is a non-profit organization that aims to make learning equitable and education accessible. As part of their efforts, they support  affordable tech initiatives in the Greater Toronto Area including device donation drives, the distribution of refurbished computers, workshops and a tech sponsorship program. Their Tech4All Hubs program aims to empower local residents to collect, recycle and repurpose computers while fostering digital literacy and building digital skills. 

How programs and learners can learn more and get involved 

Host your own event with local partners

Two ideas for special events proposed by the  National Digital Inclusion Alliance have been  reimagined in the context of literacy and basic skills (LBS) in Ontario.

Both events could serve as outreach activities that lead to interest in other LBS programs and courses.